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Tree houses for rent

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ill –Recently, we’ve talked of the importance of family vacations, and the role they play in making family memories. So what about a night high in the sky?

The Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois offers a unique camping experience. You can spend the night in your very own tree house!

Twenty-four feet high in the air, and just miles from Garden of the Gods, it’s a tree house you could only dream about as a kid.

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch



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“When we decided to get into the lodging business, we knew something different would get attention,” says Elizabeth Canfarelli who owns the business with her husband. “I have a lifelong passion for tree houses and collect coffee-table books devoted to them.”

After consulting an arborist in 2012 about where best to build a human nest on their 170-acre property, two trees were selected. The smaller tree house sleeps two and rests between a red maple and a white oak 16 feet off the ground overlooking a small creek. The larger tree house is perched 20 feet off the ground, consists of two stories and can accommodate six people. Measuring 550 square feet, it rests in the branches of a huge 200-year-old white oak tree. Some branches of the tree extend inside the cabin.

Yes, both tree houses contain bathrooms.

Timber Ridge Outpost is in Southern Illinois near the Shawnee National Forest between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

How much • $165 and up

More info • 1-618-264-9091;

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Chicago Parent

Camp in a real tree house in southern Illinois

By Cortney Fries

Ever watched “Treehouse Masters” on Animal Planet and been envious? I have, so I was thrilled to discover a family-friendly treehouse resort near the gorgeous Shawnee National Forest.

My clan of four recently stayed at Timber Ridge Outpost & Cabins in southeastern Illinois. It was a fabulous “glamping” experience, where we got to enjoy the great outdoors without having to rough it. What parent doesn’t love more fun with less preparation?

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The Southern

Up a tree: New lodging experience in Karbers Ridge

April 16, 2014 12:00 am

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Just like the treehouses kids used to get away from it all — they were at least separate from the house — a Hardin County couple is providing a similar experience for adults and families.

Timber Ridge Outpost & Cabins is Illinois’ only treehouse and log cabin resort and the closest recreational lodging available to Garden of the Gods, co-owner Elizabeth Canfarelli said.

“We always wanted to go into the lodging business, but we needed to be unique,” she said. “Tree houses seemed like a fun thing to do.”

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A Little Slice of PYE

quiet moments :: a family trip

Sometimes you just need a peaceful respite. We were due for a quiet trip to restore our tired bodies and minds. Doing a bit of research sent us a couple hours south.
Exploring our own state and own “backyard” is extremely important to me. Too many times we don’t value what we already have around us. Instead of living our lives in the “grass is always greener” state of mind–trying to actively appreciate the things that we are able to experience within our means is good for our souls.Know of any spots we should visit nearby? I am getting spring fever badly (even though we have ANOTHER winter storm upon us right now.) I am hoping to discover some new beautiful spots for spring picnicking not too far away.
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Midwest Wanderer

Tree Houses and Rocks and Walks through the Forest

written by Mile Markers on July 3, 2013 in Adventure/Outdoor Illinois and Connie Reed and Mile Markers


What child doesn’t love to hang out in a tree house? Or romp through a forest? Or climb on huge boulders? The child in me emerged on my trip to the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois when I did all of those things.

Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins in Karbers Ridge has two tree houses that you can stay in. One is on stilts around a tree, and the other is suspended between two trees, both with sleeping lofts and all of the comforts of home. If you prefer sleeping quarters firmly planted on the ground, Timber Ridge has awesome cabins, too.

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Adventures of a Farm Girl

Treehouse cabins offer a lofty view in Southern Illinois – photo by Rose Hammitt

Marty and Elizabeth moved from the Chicago suburbs to southern Illinois to start up Timber Ridge Outpost & Cabins, A Treehouse & Log Cabin Resort business about three years ago. The couple used their building experience from the city to create a cabin and tree house cabin oasis on the edge of the Shawnee National Forest. In the city, Elizabeth was Senior Project Manager for installing cabinetry into high rises and Marty was labor foreman so she added, “Going vertical wasn’t a stretch!”

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WSILTV.COM : Timber Ridge

WSILTV.COM : Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins

By Nick Hausen
Story Created: Sep 12, 2012 at 5:20 PM CDT

HARDIN COUNTY — There’s a new attraction for visitors to Hardin County. People traveling to the community to see the Shawnee National Forest, Garden of the Gods, or the Ohio River now have a unique place to stay.

“I hear a lot of, ‘Wow, this reminds me of my childhood. Remember when we used to build tree forts?'” said Elizabeth Canfarelli, owner of Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins.

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Urban Daddy


A Tree That’s Conveniently a House

The Place: Timber Ridge Outpost.
The Provisions: A house 20 feet in the air, wedged in a white oak tree. With running water. Kitchen. And a Sleep Number bed.
The Unique Factor: This is your best chance to live out your Tarzan fantasy. (His Sleep Number was 63, by the way.)
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