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We Made the Weird List

O.K.  So we knew we were different, but weird??? We’re getting e-mails congratulating us on being #2 on the 15 Weirdest Things You Can Do in State of Illinois. See for yourself…  

We’re in AAA Midwest Mag

The Shawnee Hills were recently featured in AAA’s Midwest Magazine and look whose photo is on the first page… Read about us in AAA’s Midwest Magazine

Urban Daddy

KARBERS RIDGE, IL A Tree That’s Conveniently a House The Place: Timber Ridge Outpost. The Provisions: A house 20 feet in the air, wedged in a white oak tree. With running water. Kitchen. And a Sleep Number bed. The Unique Factor: This is your best chance to live out your Tarzan fantasy. (His Sleep Number… Read more »