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Tree houses for rent

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ill –Recently, we’ve talked of the importance of family vacations, and the role they play in making family memories. So what about a night high in the sky?

The Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois offers a unique camping experience. You can spend the night in your very own tree house!

Twenty-four feet high in the air, and just miles from Garden of the Gods, it’s a tree house you could only dream about as a kid.

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Elizabeth Canfarelli with Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins says the area is referred to as the Illinois Ozarks; “We’re four miles from Garden of the Gods, and Rim Rock is four or 5 miles away. Pounds Hollow Lake so the Shawnee National Forest is definitely the largest attraction to the area.”

Marty and Elizabeth Canfarelli say they were trying to escape the rat race in Chicago when they built a tree house two years ago as part of a unique business idea, Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins- a unique camping experience where you too can escape the rat race.

Marty says, “this was six months, seven days a week, 17 hours a day to get two tree houses done… a lot of work involved.”

The Longfields from Chicago were the first ever to stay in the tree house, and now they come back twice a year.

Cathy Longfield says, “You’re in a rustic area, enjoying nature and the environment and it’s got everything you need to be comfortable.”

By that, Cathy Longfield means air conditioning, a real bathroom, television and even Wi-Fi.

The Canfarellis say it’s camping out without roughing it, “because they are equipped with all you need and they’re comfortable, if you’ve got a family member not keen on camping but rest of the family is….it really does satisfy everybody.

Marty Canfarelli designed and built the tree houses and cabins which sleep as few as two and as many as six. She says, “having some construction experience from Chicago land area, buildinghigh risess downtown, 20 plus years, I thought why not a Hardin County high rise?”

What’s the best part of the business? Marty says, “you help people create fun memories and people go away feeling good and getting good quality family time.”

A tree house high rise where your family can play, listen to the birds, and just enjoy the great outdoors.

So how much will a memorable, nature-filled family adventure cost you? Rates range from $165 a night through the week to $215 a night on weekends.

There are also log cabins for rent if you want to stay closer to the ground, and a four-bedroom house for larger family gatherings.